In 25 plus years living in Los Angeles I have had careers in the fashion and toy industries, designing for humans, Barbie, and others. After leaving corporate, I couldn't wait to get back to painting and assemblage sculpture. Borrowing from assemblage, I started creating art in the form of necklaces and other jewelry pieces. I search high and low for Objects d'Art. I love beautiful old jewelry bits in pieces and parts, antique textiles and hardware, and objects that speak out to me. I work intuitively. I rethink, reimagine, conceptualize, and manipulate objects into unique and timeless mini pieces of art. I adore uniqueness, character, imperfection and conceptual archetypes.


Loosely based on Archetypes my work is defined by four categories: Elemental, Obsession, Tribal Modern, and Faceted Light. I believe in moods and how we choose to dress on any given day, simple, bold, edgy, elegant etc.....our choice on how to appear reflects who we are at any given moment. Each category will most likely have six to eight pieces. All my pieces are truly unique and when categories sell out new ones will evolve.

Custom work
If you have small treasures or family heirlooms you cannot part with,
I can create a one of a kind custom piece in the form of jewelry or and assemblage displayed under a glass dome.
Price to be determined.


Mark Dunham, KD Studios - Web design, product stories
Photography by Anneolsendaub
Passion & Line book Howard Schatz
Hummingbirds book Tony Keppelman
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Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty
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Contact information
by phone  310.707.8536
Studio visits by appointment only.